Solensia for Osteoarthritis in Cats


The wait is over! Start administering Solensia to help control feline osteoarthritis (OA) pain

After much anticipation, Solensia is now available to order for your practice. As a once-monthly injection administered in your clinic, Solensia enables you to partner more closely with pet owners in helping cats move past pain and get back where they belong. Solensia can improve quality of life for cats and their owners by controlling OA pain¹

  • 77% of cat owners reported improvement in signs of pain when their cats were treated monthly with Solensia in a 3-month study*
  • Controls the pain of OA in cats, helping to improve their mobility, comfort, and well-being¹
  • Solensia was found to be well tolerated in field studies that included cats identified as IRIS stage 1 or 2¹,²† 

*67% of cat owners experienced improvement in signs of their cat's pain in the placebo group.

†Total N = 131 of 267 treated cats were identified as IRIS stage 1 or 2.

Want to see if your own cat is exhibiting signs of osteoarthritis?

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