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Dog Rehabilitation & Physical Therapy - The Purpose & Benefits Of Dog Rehabilitation and Physical Therapy

What is dog rehab and physical therapy?

Dog rehab and physical therapy is exactly what it sounds like. It's the same thing that humans go in for when they're going in for PT or physical therapy. It's about rehabilitating after an injury.

Dr. Meghan Denney
4 Paws at Fulshear Veterinary Clinic

How can rehab and physical therapy improve the health and well-being of my dog?

By working on strengthening muscles, improving nerve conduction, and addressing issues like soft tissue injuries, post-surgery recovery, or spinal cord injuries, rehab and physical therapy can help with chronic pain, osteoarthritis, and in some cases, give dogs a new lease on life.

What are some injuries that would benefit from rehab and physical therapy?

Degenerative conditions like degenerative myelopathy or osteoarthritis, where the muscles are deteriorating or losing muscle mass, can really benefit from this. Spinal cord injuries and major knee injuries that follow surgery can also greatly benefit from physical therapy.

How will a veterinarian decide rehab and physical therapy is right for my dog?

Any time a major injury occurs, once we've gotten through the inflammatory phase, physical therapy and rehabilitation is never a wrong option. The challenge often lies in finding a veterinary clinic that is certified and equipped to provide this service. There are a few such clinics in Houston which we can help you find.

Why is it important to consult a vet early on if I notice pain or mobility problems in my dog?

Consulting a vet early on is crucial because problems tend to worsen over time. We want to intervene before too much muscle mass is lost because it means there's less work to be done in recovery. Waiting only makes the problem chronic and harder to fix.

Will I be able to help my dog rehabilitate with physical therapy at home?

There are some things you can do at home to aid in your dog's rehabilitation. However, this should only be done after an assessment by a vet. There are great resources available online that can guide you through this process. However, there are some facilities and treatments that only a rehab specialist will have access to and be trained in.

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